Computer Science & Enginnering

The Computer Science and Engineering department is being organized into various subgroups such as: Computer Theory and Languages, Software Engineering and Application/System Development, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. There has been a technological explosion in the field of computers. Computers and microprocessors have become an integral part of the society and its use span from home appliance to sattelite communication.
There is equal emphasis on mathematics, theoretical computer science and experimental computer technology. The four-year curriculum in computer science and engineering includes a thorough preparation in English, mathematics, statistics, computing engineering and science. The department of computer science and engineering offers broad range of courses including computer system and architecture, algorithms, programming languages, database management system, computer vision, graphics, artificial intelligence, computer communication, optimization, formal languages, complexity theory and software engineering.Computer Communication and Networking(LAN,WAN,Internet), Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD-CAM), Software Support and development systems(Programming languages and RDBMS). Keeping in view the increasing demand for the requirement of computer knowledge, a minimum number of core computer courses are being taught in every department of engineering.


  • Air-conditioned and well furnished programming labs equipped with latest versions of software like Oracle, Java, VB, C++, under Unix, Windows, Sun Microsystems environment
  • Internet facility to all the departments and administrative office with sufficient backup by UPS and generators
  • The computer terminals including forty P -IV terminals from the backbone of the elaborate computer net work of the department
  • A hardware lab providing training in Microprocessor